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Houchell’s drawings push the very concepts of architectural space and structure into radical and ambiguous territory.
— James Cahill

This site documents an ongoing project which sets out to explore the nature of structure and its relationship to our understanding and experience of the world around us. The project began - as perhaps it only could - with the most prominent of visual structures and its seemingly limitless applications: the grid.

The grid is deeply engrained in our thinking and how we relate to the world around us. Fields as broad as architecture, city planning, packaging, finance, mapping, notation, art, printing and typography, trade, information technology, power distribution and all kinds of modular construction from brick to bridge use grids to comprehend and organise vast quantities of individual elements in relation to one another, in a multitude of different situations and at many different scales.

City of Bits, A Straight Line, A Circle and A Course (1, 2 & 3) were the subject of a solo exhibition in Broadway Market, London in the summer of 2017.